Dirge of the Sun

Neseroth: Recent History
A blog for your campaign

It was only a day ago that you and your companions had been asked to aid the village of Leighton by riding them of the Elf Kretek and his band of raiders. The village could offer little in coin but would willingly offer anything else they could as payment. The task had sounded simple but dangerous enough to warrant your group's skills as Kretek and his lot had not only been attacking caravans but abducting victims from each attack as well.* The villagers, grateful for your valiant efforts had allowed you free room and meals at the inn for as long as you cared to stay. Word would soon spread that the roads were once again safe enough and with that your group had forged a name for themselves in the southern region of Neseroth.

Leighton is a relatively small village of mostly farmers, with several fields of crops spread out around a small circle of structures including the inn, a blacksmith shop, a small tavern, a shop of miscellaneous items acquired from the visiting salesmen and five small homes. The inn itself is has only a single floor with the entrance leading into a large main room complete with a few large tables for serving meals and a single hallway leading to the inn ten individual rooms. Each room has a single bed, a lantern, a rack for which to hang ones wares and a large chest at the foot of each bed that can be locked. The chest itself appears sturdy enough and is mounted to the wood floors while the key can be carried by the occupant for safe keeping. Aside from your group the only persons in the tavern are the middle aged proprietors, a human woman dressed rather plainly befitting her rather plain appearance and her husband a rather slender man who stands at six feet in height. His white hair puts him at perhaps a decade or so older than his wife but he is dressed just as simply save for a dagger carried on his waist at all times. Their names are Serra and Tomen respectively.

It is nearly mid-day and Serra is setting about in the inn kitchen while Tomen already left on some venture to a near by farm. Outside one can see the approach of clouds threatening a heavy storm by nightfall and the decision to set out from Leighton or wait out the storm lies upon you. To the north, in the direction of the approaching storm is the harbor town of Arren, only a half days travel but to the south lays the much larger city of East Haven. There is also still more you could possibly coax from the villagers as part of your reward.


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