PC Races

Character Creation Rules
Starting Level: 4
Standard point buy, all races and classes from WotC material fine though I'd prefer you check first if you want to use one of the races from the MM. Once all characters are created there's going to a be breif 'Prologue' type scenario where you'll get a chance to pick up some extra gold, items and etcetera to be divided amongst you as you see fit. Mundane equipment is free, within reasonable limits.

I'll be giving out some bonus XP right out the gate but it won't be for having your character finished first or anything like that. So again, no hurry.

Feel free to do as much discussion as you see fit during your character creation. As you're starting at level 4 it's going to be assumed you've already been on a few breif adventures together as a party. However, if you guys want to tweak that in some ways (i.e. one of you joined in after your most recent adventure) then have at it. Don't worry about writing in what those adventures were, I'll be filling in that portion once we get things going.

A brief bit about races
I doubt I'm alone in this but I love writing bits about how all the different races and cultures exist together rather than just assuming the campaign setting is one big melting pot of Dragon like beings, humans and elves etc. I prefer the idea that so many different cultures co-exisiting wouldn't be without some tension, racism and stereotypes that comes from a sordid and oftne bloody history. I don't think this should effect your choice of race but figure it's possibly something to think of while coming up with your character. Enjoy. Now.

Humans making up over half of Neseroth's population really have nothing special attached to them other than possibly being viewed negativly by some of the other Races.

As a Dwarf living within Neseroth as opposed to living in the Dwarfs cities in the northern mountain, you are rarely unwelcome by the human population but you are somewhat looked down upon by your dwarf brethren for choosing to live among humans. More often than not this ill will is only in jest but that doesn't mean fights aren't still going to break out.

As a Dragonborn your kind lost the last Dragonborn city to a brief war with the humans during the first age. You were forced to move north toward and even beyond the winter line where the vast majority of your people still reside today. The legends of how bravely the Dragonborn fought despite overwhelming odds against the human invaders are as vast as they are true. While you are unlikely to find yourself unwelcome by humans within Neseroth a tension still seems to linger when ever you leave the set Dragonborn territory.

As a Tiefling you have always been among Neseroths ranks, your kind have survived persecution during the second age when many of Neseroth's territories deemed Tieflings an enemy of humans during and shortly after the war against the Underdark. Tieflings primarily live in the poverty stricken areas and you will find yourself banned from many locations. (Certain taverns, inns and even entire towns will not allow you entrance.) Far worse, in five of the twelve territories it is still legal to publically kill your kind if found in groups of six or larger.

As a Half-Orc you are lucky to have survived beyond your infant years and even more so to have survived childhood. As Orcs are common in some areas of Neseroth as slaves, the events that led to your birth are likely of the kind few care to speak of. While you are not met with the same level of dislike that Tieflings endure, the general populous sees you as an abomination of some sort but it's not like anyone will say so to your face.

Creatures considered Fey in origin primarily live in the Gods Wood far to the east and do not take kindly to outsiders venturing into their territory. As any of the Fey races within Neseroth's borders, you are not seen by the common folk with any sense of awe. Instead, there is a strong undertone of dislike for the fey as they refused to aid Neseroth in a war during the last winter.

Half-elves are the primary source of the lingering fey presence in Neseroth. Many view their mixed heritage as a gift getting the best of both worlds to an extent. You are as likely to find yourself welcome anywhere within the realms of man as you are the realm of the Fey. Mostly.

As a Goliath, your kind has no real connections with the humans and will find your strongest allies with the dwarves outside of Neseroth. Still, you will likely find yourself welcome anywhere you travel.

As a Deva many within the realm would likely not recognize you for what you are on first sight and how that person might react to you is unpredictable. Some might view you with a sense of awe and feel lucky to have experienced the presence of a being widely believed by the common folk to exist only in myth.

Shifters slowly began to arrive in Neseroth during the third age shortly after completion of The Black Wall. As a Shifter you'll find others perception varies greatly depending on your location and is highly unpredeictable. Nearer to Black Wall many know and trust Shifters as they often work as devoted scouts and gaurdians for the border to the untamed lands. In the more rural areas of Neseroth most work as trappers, hunters and the like while some exist in traveling nomadic bands. Still a large number of Shifters have not blended well into life within Neseroth borders and create a bad reputation for thier own kind. Bands of Shifters roam Neseroths forests and plains, attacking travelers and some are bold enough to even attack villages. In the larger towns many have found thier niche as thieves, assassins and are mostly known as criminals.

PC Races

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